High-quality lessons covering school curriculum

At Starguru, we believe that every student learns differently. With engaging lessons delivered in a blend of English and vernacular Indian languages, our app helps students reinforce what they learn at school.

Download the Starguru app to get the best of video lessons and strengthen your learning.


Starguru aims to provide immersive lessons to students that combine the convenience of video lessons with the rigour of curriculum-driven learning. Our lessons are aligned to the official syllabus of primary and secondary schools in India.


How can students benefit?

Free and available in many languages

With the Starguru app, students can watch lessons delivered in English and vernacular Indian languages.

Comprehensive & immersive

Given that every student learns differently, our goal is to help students discover teachers who help them learn better.

Live classes to help with exam prep

Close to board exams, the Starguru app offers live classes that help students brush up on key concepts and solve exercises.


How can teachers contribute?

Complementing, not competing

Starguru complements the endeavours of schools by serving as an additional venue for students to reinforce what they learn at school.

Supported by progressive teachers

With our powerful and easy-to-use platform, teachers can upload recorded lectures and conduct live sessions to high-quality teaching into every household.

Make an impact outside the classroom

Given that the Starguru app is used by students across the country, teachers benefit from enhanced visibility, impact and respect that they rightfully deserve.

How can schools play a role?

Schools can contribute in two ways. They can encourage their students to view the lessons on our app to help them reinforce what they learn at school. They can also encourage teachers to contribute video lessons and conduct live classes. Not only does this create greater visibility for the school, it also makes a meaningful difference to the lives of students.

If you want to learn more about how your school can benefit from Starguru, please reach out to us at learnwithstarguru@gmail.com


Starguru seeks to create a world where high-quality learning is available to all—regardless of where they live and what they do. We are leveraging the power of technology and the generous contributions of teachers to take immersive learning content to any student who aspires to learn and get ahead in life.